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Copper League!

2013-06-29 11:44:02 by Dusty-Gorilla

Hey NG! I just completed Season 1 of my web-series, Copper League! If you like things like Pure Pwnage and The Guild, you'll be sure to love this show (I guess). Please check us out and say hi! Newgrounds is still my favorite community in the world and it would mean a lot if I knew you guys were watching!

Copper League

Copper League!

After Effects Sprite Animation

2012-06-18 18:13:20 by Dusty-Gorilla

If you watch my Metal Slug based series M.S.R.E, you will see a very radical change in skill as each episode goes on. The skill being of course the manipulation of sprites to make them look as cinematic as possible. This was always my goal with sprite animation.

I've been long gone from Flash for a while doing films and such, but I work frequently with After Effects. I decided to try and use the power of After Effects to create a much more cinematic animation than I could ever make in Flash.

Here is the result.

Looks great but there are so many underlying issues. That is a super compressed file and it still comes in at 7.2 mb. Back in my day you could not get away with this kind of file type. So how can I make anything substantially longer? Most likely an .flv upload.

But you can see the cinematic blur, the built in camera that let's me do all kinds of zooms, adding a nice glow to the hit. This is a path I definitely want to travel down if I want to continue to do sprite animation. I would love to create something very beautiful and cinematic that completely trumps anything anyone else is making. It's totally doable but it has its stepping stones.

This animation is something I threw together in 20 minutes. It's very basic and not super smooth. Manipulating the .gif was a lot easier in Flash and it is something I will have to work on. Let me know what you guys think!

After Effects Sprite Animation

Hey NG! My new album is complete and ready for download for FREE! Check it out and hopefully enjoy.


New album done! The Lights Below!

Hey NG! Dusty-Gorilla here showing off my brand new web-series, Copper League! It's about two aspiring Starcraft II players and their quest to become pro-gamers! If you're a fan of e-sports and/or Starcraft II, I'm sure you'll like this!

Hey guys! My brand new album, Dusty Gorilla vs. The World is finally done! 17 tracks and running at 90 minutes long, this thing was a beast to finish. I worked really hard on it and best of all, it's completely FREE! So if you like electronic music, there's no reason not to download it. Enjoy :3

Dusty Gorilla vs. The World

17 Track New Album Completely FREE!

M.S.R.E Finale

2011-07-24 17:29:15 by Dusty-Gorilla

Well here it is. The M.S.R.E finale. Unfinished.


M.S.R.E Finale

New Music Video!

2011-06-26 22:48:44 by Dusty-Gorilla

Hey guys! New music video. Enjoy :]

New Album "Space Box"

2011-06-08 22:10:47 by Dusty-Gorilla

Hey all. I just finished my new album "Space Box". It is name your price or free! GET IT NOW!


New Album "Space Box"

New Music Video!

2011-05-31 00:05:58 by Dusty-Gorilla

Hey guys! Here's my new music video. Hope everyone likes it. I know I havn't done an animation in YEARS! But I want you guys to know that I just switched over to film. It seems like this is my new focus so I hope all my Gay Tankmen, Pokemon F.U.V, and MSRE fans can check out my new work. Later!


Hey guys. If you're from Philadelphia or nearby and you enjoy Starcraft, then check out my new site. PhillyStarcraft! Register and talk with your local people and maybe play in a tournament?

Calling All Philadelphia Starcraft Players!